Sunday, January 4, 2009

Riding lawnmowers, Leaf blowers, and Snow blowers

Riding lawnmowers, Leaf blowers, and Snow blowers: How we are sending money overseas.

When I was younger, any kid with a shovel (in winter), push a lawnmower (in spring/summer) and a rake (fall) could make some extra money.

And this money would be use to buy things and services from the local businesses. The money would stay in it own area.

But for varying reasons, kids are lazy, or want too much, we have brought expensive equipment to do the work. And all that money that uses to float around here, goes to another country.

Yea , I know it is more cost efficient, say $30 to pay someone to shovel your driveway, a snow blower will be paid off in 2 or 3 years. (If there are 10 snowstorms in a season.)

I rather pay someone, that live in my area, knowing my money with be helping our businesses and friends. Then to save a few bucks and send it over seas.